Lixouri Kefalonia Cruises by Gloria
Daily cruise

Daily cruise

We start at 9.00 and finish at 16.30. Our first destination is to Vardiani island a small and uninhabited island with a lot of green! We stop for swimming and snorkeling as the depth is magic and you can discover the place (there is an old church and it’s open) just wearing your shoes or by our small auxiliary boat!After we go near to Megas lakkos beach to a red sand beach to make mud bath and feel like 10 years younger 😊

The lunch is offered into the boat (homemade for all tastes!) with traditional wine and relax feeling! After lunch we go to White rocks beach a beach near to the airport only accessed by boat with crystal blue waters seems like to be in a swimming pool!Coffee,orangeade in the morning,lunch and wine incuded! Ideal cruise for families and couples,amazing places to see and visit!

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise

A magical experience! We start at 19.00 and finish at 22.30. Gloria goes to Vardiani island stop for swimming (if you like the evening bath) and makes the circle of this small and wild island to enjoy the most amazing sunset! The music travels you,the atmosphere keeps your eyes to the sun goes down.. (wine and fruit included)
Ideal cruise for couples and romantic souls
!Magic view,lovely music 🎶 relax ⛱️ enjoy 💕

Private Cruises

Private Cruises

Choose a day and make it yours! Bring your friends and family and reserve our luxury yacht for you! Plenty of space,living room,bedrooms and nicely landscaped outdoor are waiting for you for a special and unique day!

We can offer you whatever you like to eat or drink just to ask us! Lets explore our crystal blue waters together!

Platia Ammos Beach Cruise

Platia Ammos Beach Cruise    

A beach in the most western part of the island with a breathtaking view!

The earthquake of 2014 destroyed the stairs (314 stairs!) and it’s only accessed by boat..Imposing braces,virgin place,unresolved crystal blue waters takes your mind!

One of the things to do in Kefalonia which will remain unforgettable!

The most fantastic beach at Ionian Islands! (After we go to Vardiani island for swimming and lunch into the boat which included)

Let’s make some memories❤️


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If the weather is bad the route changes or cancels!


⚓Port of Lixouri                    
Cephalonia, PO 28200                     

Lixouri Cruises By Gloria

Lixouri place 🌊 Cruises yacht ⛵Cruises around Kefalonia island ❤️ sunset cruise 🌇 daily cruise 🚤 private cruise 🏖 music👙relax 🦐 homemade traditional lunch, vegetarian menu & wine included☀️enjoy


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